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Margaret Rustin

Margaret Rustin was Head of Child Psychotherapy at the Tavistock for many years, and was closely involved in the profession's growth and development in the NHS. She has had many links to Tavistock Relationships, most recently as a trustee during the move to the current premises. Since retiring from the NHS, she continues to teach and supervise in the UK and abroad and has a private clinical practice.  She has written widely about child psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Her most recent book is Reading Klein, written jointly with her husband, Michael.

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When We Talk About Love: Learning from Experience, Innovating for the Future

Andrew Balfour |  Brett Karr |  Chris Clulow |  Claire Tyler |  Lisa Appignanesi |  Margaret Rustin |  Mary Morgan |  Nick Pearce |  ....
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30 Nov, 2018
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