African American Jungian Analysts: On Culture, Clinical Training/ Prac
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African American Jungian Analysts: On Culture, Clinical Training/ Practice and Racism

Would you like to further understand racial and diversity issues in clinical practice? Then this conference video recording might be of interest to you.

This digital recording of the African American Jungian Analysts: On Culture, Clinical Training/Practice and Racism conference, was organised by the Confederation for Analytical Psychology (CAP) with the support of the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN). It focuses on the challenges therapists and clients of colour face from institutional racism in both the UK and in the US. 

Gary Younge, the celebrated Guardian journalist who has written on ‘race’ and racism in both the British and American contexts, is Rotimi Akinsete’s guest in a special edition of his acclaimed and innovative project Black Men on the Couch. This is a space for Black men to talk about their lives in public with a trained therapist.  

Personal and professional experiences of African American Jungian analysts Fanny Brewster and Alan Vaughan illumined key and pressing issues in US politics, law, culture and therapies.  The two speakers are widely appreciated internationally for their contributions to the fields of African American psychology and Jungian analysis. There is much in this that is relevant to the British situation, especially (but not only) in the fields of psychotherapy, analysis and counselling. 

Helen Morgan, whose own work develops an understanding of racism from a psychoanalytic/Jungian analytic perspective, was the Respondent.

The conference also included an illustrated lecture by Alan Vaughan on the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and a reading from her poetry by Fanny Brewster.

Finally, there was a panel presented by Eugene Ellis and members of the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network.


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Dr. Fanny Brewster |  Dr. Alan Vaughan |  Rotimi Akinsete |  Gary Younge
6 Hours 07 Minutes
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13 Oct, 2018
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This online program is worth 5 hours CPD.


Dr. Fanny Brewster Related seminars and products: 1

Dr. Brewster is a Core Faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Prior to beginning in this capacity she served for five years as Adjunct Faculty working within the Depth, Archetypal and Jungian Psychology (DJA), and Depth Psychotherapy Departments (DPT), while maintaining a New York City private practice.

As a faculty member of the New York C.G. Jung Foundation she has taught classes and given public forum lectures on Jungian related topics. While a Board Member with the New York Analytical Psychology Club, Dr. Brewster developed and led experiential workshops on Dreams, Creative Writing and Mythology. She has given national and international workshops and lectures on Culture, Diversity and Creativity—the Depth Writing Workshop. She has received two Gradiva Award nominations for her writing from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. Her most recent book is Archetypal Grief: Slavery’s Legacy of Intergenerational Child Loss. (Routledge)

Dr. Alan Vaughan Related seminars and products: 1


ALAN G. VAUGHAN, PhD, JD, is an analyst member of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco and in private practice as an analyst, and a clinical and consulting psychologist in Oakland, California. He serves on the core faculty of the clinical psychology program at Saybrook University. His psychology degree was awarded by New York University and his internship completed at Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute (University of California San Francisco). His law degree was awarded by the University of Virginia, followed by advanced studies in public and private international law at The Hague Academy of International Law, in Den Haag, Netherlands. He serves on the editorial board of Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche. His scholarship interests are in the intersections of analytical psychology, historiography, law, and African Diaspora studies and include “Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.)” (1985), “Analytical and Cultural Perspectives on the Life and Art of Jacob Lawrence (2004), “Jung, Analytical Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology” (2013), and “Jungian Dreamwork” (2016).

Rotimi Akinsete Related seminars and products: 1

Director of Wellbeing

University of Surrey

Rotimi Akinsete is a therapeutic counsellor and clinical supervisor with extensive experience in community and NHS counselling services. He is founder and director of Black Men on the Couch, a special interest project focussing on psychotherapy and identity politics of African and Caribbean men and boys. Rotimi formerly held a post as service lead for adolescent counselling for the North East London (NHS) Foundation Trust where he managed a large team dealing with diverse and challenging issues and has worked as an independent facilitator, trainer and advisor on various transformational leadership programmes. Rotimi has sat on a number of panels around the subject of counselling and psychotherapy and has conducted several workshops. Rotimi is currently the Director of Wellbeing at the University of Surrey.

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Gary Younge is an award-winning author, broadcaster and columnist for The Guardian, based in London. He also writes a monthly column, Beneath the Radar, for the Nation magazine and is the Alfred Knobler Fellow for The Nation Institute. He has written five books: Another Day in the Death of America, A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives; The Speech, The Story Behind Martin Luther King’s Dream; Who Are We?, And Should it Matter in the 21st century; Stranger in a Strange Land, Travels in the Disunited States and No Place Like Home, A Black Briton’s Journey Through the Deep South. He has made several radio and television documentaries on subjects ranging from gay marriage to Brexit.

Target Audience

Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, Analysts, Social Workers, Academics and all those involved in mental health.


(1) To compare and contrast the experiences of Black and other therapists and clients of colour, with specific reference to the US and UK contexts.

(2) To understand the impact on present day clinical experience of problematic and prejudicial attitudes towards Black and other people of colour in the early days of Jungian analysis and psychoanalysis.

(3) To acquire an understanding of clinical dynamics when issues of race and racism are present.

(4) To be enabled to reflect on how best race and racism might be addressed in trainings for psychotherapy and counselling.

(5) To appreciate the artistic and cultural contributions made by Black individuals, particularly (but not only) in the American context.



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