Module 1: Smart but Scattered Adults - Manage ADHD by Targeting Executive Skills

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Strategies to improve the ability of adults with ADHD to:

Many adults with ADHD fail to finish college, hold down a job, progress in their career, or maintain satisfactory relationships with friends and family. Failure and the recognition that they are working well below their potential erode self-confidence, and eat away at self-esteem.

Even highly motivated clients with ADHD struggle to follow through on the changes they need to make to improve their physical or emotional well-being. They know they need to change, they know what they need to do to change, they may even be able to take a step or two toward making those changes—and then they plateau or give up. What’s getting in the way is not their unwillingness or resistance to change, but weak executive skills.

Executive skills are underlying brain processes that help people manage their everyday lives, get things done, control their emotions, and help them manage obstacles that interfere with productivity and behavior change. Attend this seminar and learn cutting-edge neuroscience on executive functioning and practical strategies for your ADHD clients to help them overcome the obstacles presented by weak executive skills. At the end of the day you will be able to best help your clients assess their executive skill strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan that is realistic and leads to true and lasting change.


The Executive in the Brain

Assessment tools

The Impact of Executive Skills in the Daily Life of Adults with ADHD

Key Strategies to Help ADHD Clients Cope with Weak Executive Skills

Strategies for Improving Executive Skills


  1. Outline the key role executive skills play in understanding adults with ADHD.
  2. Compare and contrast assessment tools to determine clients’ profiles of executive skill strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Communicate with clients on the best way to restructure their environment to reduce the impact of weak executive skills.
  4. Build a realistic change plan that enables ADHD clients to improve executive skills in situations and settings they identify as problematic.
  5. Discuss effective strategies ADHD clients can use to cope with executive skill challenges in the workplace, the home and in relationships.
  6. Identify tools to enhance 12 executive skill domains.


Program Information

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