Module 1: ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders - Over 50 Behavior-Changing Techniques for Children and Adolescents

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It’s guaranteed… this recording will guide you through focused, clear and successful methods for treating children. You will walk away with evidence-based techniques that will not only re-energize your practice but also help your clients to:



Jennifer Wilke-Deaton, M.A., L.P.A., national speaker, expert and author will teach you more than 50 techniques that can quickly improve the lives of children and adolescents with ODD, ASD, ADHD and mood disorders. Learn how to troubleshoot and adapt techniques for preschool through high school aged kids through real-life case studies, video/audio clips, reproducible client-friendly worksheets, and step-by-step directions for every intervention. Jen’s passion, caring, humor, and time-tested approaches will make this day of learning fly by! You will leave invigorated and empowered to treat the top childhood disorders.

Program Information

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