Full Course Description

Module 1: Understanding Polyvagal Theory: Emotion, Attachment, and Self-Regulation


  1. Integrate effective non-verbal behavior into your sessions with clients.


  • Neurophysiology of Behavioral State Regulation
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Social Engagement System
  • Perception
  • The Polyvagal Theory for Trauma Treatment
Copyright : 01/10/2013

Module 2: Bringing a Polyvagal Perspective into Therapy: How to Safely Navigate Emotional Storms

Copyright : 24/03/2018

Module 3: Harnessing the Polyvagal System to Help Clients with Anxiety, Depression, and Anger

Copyright : 22/03/2018

Module 4: Brain Switch - Apply Polyvagal and Memory Reconsolidation Theories with Parts Work, Somatic, and Mindful Approaches

Copyright : 23/03/2018

BONUS: Opening the Heart: How to Deepen the Experience of Therapy

Copyright : 22/03/2018