Full Course Description

Janina Fisher on Using Neuroscience, Body-Oriented and Parts Therapy Approaches to Treat Trauma

Copyright : 01/05/2018

Bessel van der Kolk on Advanced Trauma Treatment Interventions: EMDR, Yoga, Neurofeedback, MDMA and more

Copyright : 14/05/2018

Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing (SE) to Heal Trauma and Stress Disorders

Copyright : 08/03/2018

Pat Ogden on the Sensorimotor Approach to Healing Trauma through the Body

Copyright : 17/04/2018

Mary Jo Barrett on Relational Trauma Therapy for Transformative Results

Copyright : 02/05/2018

Bill O’Hanlon on the Inclusive Therapy Approach to Treat Trauma: Combining DBT, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Powerful Outcomes

Copyright : 19/04/2018

Skip Rizzo on using Virtual Reality and Technology in the Treatment of Trauma

Copyright : 01/03/2018